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With campuses in Provo and Springville, Utah, Provo Canyon School is a private educational and therapeutic facility for students with special academic and residential treatment needs. Over the course of four decades, Provo Canyon School (PCS) has developed a number of unique programs and educational departments, as well as partnerships with outside organizations such as Run 13.

Run 13 hosts a pair of popular races during Utah’s warmest months, with the Provo City Half Marathon taking place in early May and the Hobbler Half Marathon being held in July. While a number of adults run the races, Run 13 promotes their events as a great way for children to enjoy healthy, active lifestyles. In fact, Run 13 hosts separate kids events at both races.

Through the Run 13 children’s initiative, parents or guardians are advised to help adolescents complete 25 miles in the days and weeks leading up to the race, though this requirement is not mandatory for participation. Children who finish the race receive the same medals awarded to adults who run the full event. Participants benefit not only from an extended period of exercise, but experience how it feels to set and follow through on long term goals. More information on Run 13 races can be found at

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How Depression Can Affect Academic Performance in Teens

With locations in Provo and Springville, Utah, Provo Canyon School is a private educational facility serving young males and females in need of residential treatment. Provo Canyon School helps individuals with a wide range of diagnoses and symptoms, ranging from depression to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Studies have shown that as many as one in five teenagers have experienced a depressive episode in their lifetimes. High school-age students living with depression require help and support from not only family and friends but professionals trained in and familiar with the disorder. Without proper assistance, teenagers living with depression can see virtually all aspects of their lives affected, including their academic performance.

Poor concentration, memory issues, and a belief that activities such as reading and homework are no longer worthwhile represent just a few symptoms of depression that directly alter a teenager’s performance in school. Such students can also find it difficult to absorb new information and to multi-task, two components critical to academic success.

Studies have even shown that the more often a child or teen experiences a depressive episode, the further their grades fall. In addition, depression can lead to excessive absences from school. A teen might feel too overwhelmed to attempt a day at school or may even be seeking treatment for depression. In either event, repeated absences can affect both the learning experience and a student’s chances of graduating on time.

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Joint Commission Accredits Behavioral Health Organizations

Established in Utah in 1971, Provo Canyon School is a residential treatment center founded on the belief that all youth have the potential for change and growth. Provo Canyon School holds accreditation from the Joint Commission, an agency that accredits many types of health care organizations, including behavioral health facilities.

The Joint Commission originally focused on accrediting organizations serving people with intellectual disabilities but expanded its focus to include organizations that provide chemical dependency and mental health services. To receive accreditation, facilities undergo a full on-site survey to assess their operational systems every three years. Experienced, licensed psychologists, social workers, counselors, and other behavioral health professionals conduct these surveys.

Since more than 190 state authorities recognize Joint Commission accreditation, earning that acknowledgment helps behavioral health organizations demonstrate compliance with state licensing requirements and regulations. In addition, some insurers will only reimburse facilities that hold Joint Commission accreditation. The Joint Commission accredits more than 2,000 behavioral health care organizations every year.

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An Overview of Social Anxiety

Provo Canyon School, with two locations near the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, provides a safe and therapeutic environment for children and teens. The expert staff of Provo Canyon School provide diagnostic services and support for a number of conditions, including social anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety disorder is a common disorder in which a person is afraid of facing others in social settings. This anxiety typically stems from a fear of being judged or scrutinized by others. In many cases, a person with social anxiety disorder will experience anxiety regarding upcoming social events, and due to this negative anticipation, the person might try to avoid the situation altogether. However, because of this type of avoidance, the person with social anxiety will often have less experience interacting with others, a factor that can further reduce a person’s confidence and increase anxiety.

Treatment for social anxiety often includes therapy, particularly cognitive behavioral therapy. This is a type of therapy in which a person works to develop new thought patterns that will help them overcome their fear of social situations. Beyond therapy, medication might sometimes be used as an additional tool to control anxiety symptoms.

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Helping Children Learn to Open Up to Others

Provo Canyon School strives to help its students overcome difficulties and learn to lead healthy, balanced lives. In particular, Provo Canyon School helps children and teens with emotional and behavioral problems, which can sometimes stem from a difficulty forming attachments to others.

While some individuals connect easily with others, such as family members and peers, other individuals have greater difficulty in this regard. Many times, the difficulty comes from deeply ingrained patterns of thinking that were learned early on in their lives. Individuals who have difficulty forming connections might isolate themselves from others as a form of self-protection from disappointment and loneliness. However, such isolation only serves to perpetuate the problem.

For parents, there are a number of things that can be done to encourage children to form healthy attachments to others. For example, they should encourage children to share how they feel. Then, when listening to children, parents should aim to avoid making judgements or dismissing children’s feelings. Doing so could cause children to close themselves off. Likewise, parents should share their feelings. However, it’s important that parents keep emotions under control and set a good example for children while sharing.

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