An Introduction to the ABC Model

Provo Canyon School, located in Springville and Provo, Utah, is a federal- and state-recognized provider of psychiatric residential treatment. With its two distinct campuses, Provo Canyon School can cater to the unique needs of different genders and age groups while implementing an acuity based care (ABC) model of individual assessment.

The ABC model was developed in response to the challenges administrators face when attempting to allocate human resources at a nursing or psychiatric wellness facility. In other words, ABC processes help nurse managers and chief nursing officers determine how to effectively distribute their staff. In the modern medical world, ABC services can greatly benefit from computer scheduling and specialized ABC software.

Acuity itself can be described as a measurement of a patient’s need for treatment as well as the intensity of the treatment required. With this in mind, a nursing shift can be developed using acuity rather than raw patient numbers. For example, a dozen patients in need of little medical attention on their day of discharge may require less care than a single patient suffering from complications in the intensive care unit (ICU). ABC methodologies and software would allow a shift supervisor or head nurse to allocate more nurses to the single patient while still maintaining an appropriate nursing presence among the patients requiring less care.

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IEPs Clarify Students Learning Capabilities, Goals, and Needs

Utah-based Provo Canyon School provides mental health treatments and education to young people. To address student’s unique learning needs, Provo Canyon School implements individual education plans (IEPs). To create effective IEPs, parents, educators, and other stakeholders work together to assess a child’s capabilities and the best ways to support his or her success in school.

By law, IEPs must include a student’s present level of performance (PLOP) along with his or her educational goals for the school year. A PLOP should include details on a child’s strengths and weaknesses along with performance metrics for various academic subjects. In addition, the plan must document the support and accommodations the school plans to provide for the child. Plans must also detail the methods for assessing progress.

When students turn 16, IEPs must include transition planning to help students graduate from high school and prepare for life after school. Often, representatives from vocational programs or other agencies take part in preparing transition plans.

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Provo Canyon School Students Enjoy Career Week

Provo Canyon School (PCS) offers comprehensive and caring residential treatment for youth in need of intensive psychiatric services. At Provo Canyon School, each young client receives a personalized needs assessment and individual program to foster healing and growth. PCS also offers academic training and perspective on careers to help its students prepare for their futures.

In 2014, PCS hosted a special week of activities focused on careers. The event drew representatives from many fields and locations around the country. Students had opportunities to learn about careers in the military and fire and rescue from local professionals. In addition, a representative from Fannie Mae in Washington, DC, traveled to PCS to give students insights on business careers.

Students also enjoyed exciting presentations by an FBI agent and a sports commentator for the Salt Lake Bees baseball team. Career week is one of the many ways PCS supports the growth and wellbeing of its student community.

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The Stages of Grief

Provo Canyon School serves as a school and treatment center for children who exhibit a wide variety of behavioral and psychological difficulties. Among the children helped at Provo Canyon School are those who are struggling with grief after experiencing a death in the family or the end of a relationship.

Grief, which is associated with a loss, marks a difficult time in many people’s lives, and people deal with their feelings of loss in different ways. Recognizing and understanding the five stages of grief helps with the process.

Typically, the first stage in the grieving process is denial. During this stage, the person does not accept what has happened or tries to avoid thinking about the situation. Following denial is anger, during which a person feels upset about having to experience the loss. Then, during the stage of bargaining, a person may try to think of someone to blame, or try to make some type of deal to get what they lost back again. These stages are followed by depression, during which a person feels sadness about the situation. Eventually, a person reaches the final stage of grief, which is acceptance. The person understands the loss and is able to go on with living in a new way. While each person experiences the stages of grief in a different way, with help and support, many people are able to reach the stage of acceptance.

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The Provo Canyon School Program for Elementary School Students

Provo Canyon School in Springville, Utah, educates adolescents and teenagers who experience mental health and behavioral issues that can make traditional academic settings difficult. However, students can start at Provo Canyon School as young as eight and stay with the program through their last year of high school.

The Provo Canyon School program for these younger students provides a coeducational treatment environment to boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 13 who require various forms of therapeutic mental and behavioral health support. The program, comprised of multiple gender- and age-specific elements, is an accredited elementary and middle school offering a year-round academic curriculum administered by a faculty of certified special education professionals.

The Provo Canyon elementary school program can work with students who experience any number of mental health conditions, including separation anxiety and posttraumatic stress issues, as well as behavioral issues like attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD and ADHD) and loss of impulse control. Each student is provided his or her own Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Some of the therapies used by the faculty include play therapy and emotional regulation.

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