How Depression Can Hinder Learning for Students


Provo Canyon School pic

Provo Canyon School

Provo Canyon School in Utah is a licensed residential psychiatric treatment facility with campuses in Provo and Springville. Provo Canyon School (PCS) serves students living with an array of academic, developmental, and behavioral challenges. Faculty at PCS are capable of supporting students with a number of disorders and conditions, including depression.

Depression impacts virtually every aspect of a person’s life. For younger individuals, depression often adversely affects a person’s ability to learn and excel academically. At a cognitive level, depression interferes with traditional thought processes, making it difficult to concentrate and make decisions. As depression is often the result of unbalanced brain chemistry, the disorder can slow brain functions in several areas, often resulting in difficulties when it comes to remembering dates and details of events.

A number of additional symptoms of depression can hinder a student’s ability to learn. Mood swings make it difficult to interact with peers and adults in various situations, including classroom settings. Meanwhile, issues with low self-esteem can cause a student to feel as if they have failed a test before even taking the exam. Similarly, students may withdraw from social interactions altogether. Insomnia and other physical symptoms of depression can also hamper a student’s ability to learn.

Families and students struggling with depression in relation to academia should look into educational facilities that cater specifically to individuals with academic and developmental issues.

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