The Stages Involved in Dealing With Grief

Dealing With Grief pic

Dealing With Grief

Based in Springville, Utah, Provo Canyon School is an intensive psychiatric residential treatment center that provides adolescents and preadolescents with personalized education and care. Provo Canyon School emphasizes clinical “best practices” and maintains a dedicated medical and clinical staff.

One area in which support is provided lies in assisting students who are dealing with grief in its various stages. The coping process associated with grief typically begins with denial, which often takes the form of avoidance, numbness, or isolation. At this stage, the loss does not seem real, and the false conviction that it did not really take place may set in.

Denial is often followed by anger and a feeling that the pain needs to be taken out on others. In the subsequent bargaining stage, an attempt is made to assign blame and get back what was lost. This stage may be familiar to those who have had the sense that changing one’s behavior could bring a loved one back. Once denial is passed through, the last two stages of grief are normally depression and acceptance.

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