An Overview of the PCS Special Olympics

Provo Canyon School pic

Provo Canyon School

Provo Canyon School is a licensed residential psychiatric treatment facility with campuses in both Provo and Springville, Utah. Provo Canyon School (PCS) is capable of providing therapeutic and academic services to students dealing with a range of learning challenges. The school frequently engages with the local community in order to host special events for students.

One of the school’s most popular events is the annual Special Olympics games. Through these games, special education students are afforded an opportunity to not only engage in fun physical activities and sports, but to demonstrate the various social skills they have developed over the course of the school year. A few of the most popular athletic events include scooter races, cycling, basketball games, and bowling.

The games are hosted by PCS, but are made possible through the support of various organizations and citizens. Brigham Young University (BYU) cheerleaders have cheered students on during races and games, while school district employees don a variety of colorful costumes and put on comedic sketches. To learn about supporting future games or other PCS events, please visit

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