How Depression Can Affect Academic Performance in Teens

With locations in Provo and Springville, Utah, Provo Canyon School is a private educational facility serving young males and females in need of residential treatment. Provo Canyon School helps individuals with a wide range of diagnoses and symptoms, ranging from depression to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Studies have shown that as many as one in five teenagers have experienced a depressive episode in their lifetimes. High school-age students living with depression require help and support from not only family and friends but professionals trained in and familiar with the disorder. Without proper assistance, teenagers living with depression can see virtually all aspects of their lives affected, including their academic performance.

Poor concentration, memory issues, and a belief that activities such as reading and homework are no longer worthwhile represent just a few symptoms of depression that directly alter a teenager’s performance in school. Such students can also find it difficult to absorb new information and to multi-task, two components critical to academic success.

Studies have even shown that the more often a child or teen experiences a depressive episode, the further their grades fall. In addition, depression can lead to excessive absences from school. A teen might feel too overwhelmed to attempt a day at school or may even be seeking treatment for depression. In either event, repeated absences can affect both the learning experience and a student’s chances of graduating on time.

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