An Overview of Social Anxiety

Provo Canyon School, with two locations near the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, provides a safe and therapeutic environment for children and teens. The expert staff of Provo Canyon School provide diagnostic services and support for a number of conditions, including social anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety disorder is a common disorder in which a person is afraid of facing others in social settings. This anxiety typically stems from a fear of being judged or scrutinized by others. In many cases, a person with social anxiety disorder will experience anxiety regarding upcoming social events, and due to this negative anticipation, the person might try to avoid the situation altogether. However, because of this type of avoidance, the person with social anxiety will often have less experience interacting with others, a factor that can further reduce a person’s confidence and increase anxiety.

Treatment for social anxiety often includes therapy, particularly cognitive behavioral therapy. This is a type of therapy in which a person works to develop new thought patterns that will help them overcome their fear of social situations. Beyond therapy, medication might sometimes be used as an additional tool to control anxiety symptoms.

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