Helping Children Learn to Open Up to Others

Provo Canyon School strives to help its students overcome difficulties and learn to lead healthy, balanced lives. In particular, Provo Canyon School helps children and teens with emotional and behavioral problems, which can sometimes stem from a difficulty forming attachments to others.

While some individuals connect easily with others, such as family members and peers, other individuals have greater difficulty in this regard. Many times, the difficulty comes from deeply ingrained patterns of thinking that were learned early on in their lives. Individuals who have difficulty forming connections might isolate themselves from others as a form of self-protection from disappointment and loneliness. However, such isolation only serves to perpetuate the problem.

For parents, there are a number of things that can be done to encourage children to form healthy attachments to others. For example, they should encourage children to share how they feel. Then, when listening to children, parents should aim to avoid making judgements or dismissing children’s feelings. Doing so could cause children to close themselves off. Likewise, parents should share their feelings. However, it’s important that parents keep emotions under control and set a good example for children while sharing.

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